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    Vad använder militären för utrustning

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    In Eldian mythology, who granted Ymir Fritz the power of the Titans?

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    The Battle of Shiganshina District took place in what year?

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    The two characters who used to hang out with Levi are Furlan Church and who else?

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    The ‘D’ in ODM gear stands for what?

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    What colour were the signal flares that the Scout Regiment used to warn of approaching titans?

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    What was the last gift that Kenny Ackermann gave to Levi?

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    How long does someone live for after eating a person controlling one of the 9 Titans?

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    Which Marleyan city contains an ‘internment zone’ for Eldians to live in?

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    What did Levi find in the false bottom of Eren’s basement desk?