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Bonus message

  • A person who breaks into houses to steal things is a

  • A person who burns houses and belongings is called an ...

  • The crime of killing someone without preparation is called

  • A person who tracks criminals and talks to witnesses

  • Illegally transporting people or goods across borders

  • Another word for "looking at" something, such as a crime scene

  • Taking a can of cola from the shop without paying is called...

  • A person who chokes someone else is called a ...

  • A person who saw the crime happen is called a

  • When you admit to a crime it means you ...

  • When a criminal fights the police he is ... arrest

  • Footprints, bloodstains and strands of hair are all ... in the investigation

  • The mother won ... of her child.

  • When you register at a website you often get a ... mail

  • Final question! What kills more people