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  • 84% of the worlds youngsters have access to secondary school. What is the number among refugees?

  • When recruiting someone: Is there any minimum age on that person?

  • When was UNHCR established?

  • In which country does the highest amount of internally displaced people live?

  • Of all the refugees in the world, how many are children?

  • Which conflict right now, is forcing the highest amount of people to flee?

  • From when do you need to hand in a medical certificate if you are sick, to be able to get the economic compensation?

  • When will the salary for this campaign be payed to you?

  • Which of these populations that are in UNHCRs concern, is the biggest one?

  • How much money do UNHCR need to be able to do the job that falls under its mandate?

  • As of the UNHCR annual budget, how much comes from the UN?

  • If someone says yes to become a donor after a pitch about the Rohingya crisis, is it sure that the money goes to that?

  • Sverige för UNHCR has a 90-account/90-konto. What does it take to get this?

  • 91 % of the children in the world have access to primary school. What is the number for refugee children?