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  • Study of LG and change

  • Study of sound in LG

  • Study of the sound system (patterning) in LG

  • The study of structure and combination of elements in clauses and phrases

  • The study of Meaning

  • The study of LG and social factors

  • The study of communicating more than what is being stated

  • The study of text and conversation

  • The study of LG and psychology

  • The study of the practical application of linguistic research

  • The study of different types of LG

  • The study of different aspects of LG in different cultures around the globe

  • The technical Form for a new word?

  • The study of the origin of words?

  • Creating a new word by adding one or more affixes to a word stem (prefix and suffix)

  • Borrowing words from other LG

  • The technical term for inventing new words

  • Coinage (new words) formed from the name of a person or a place

  • Combining two or more words is called what?

  • Fusing parts of two separate words?

  • Shortening a word by cutting off parts?

  • Adding -y/-ye or -ie to a shortened word?

  • Shortening a word+ changing the word-class and meaning Television (N) - Televise (V)

  • Creating a new word by simply changing the word-class.

  • Words formed from the initial letters of a set of words Compact disk - CD

  • Words with similar senses are called what? Daddy-father Pee- urinate

  • Words with opposite senses? Up-down Dead-alive

  • Hierarchically ordered words according to degrees of specificity are called what?

  • A word which has two or more related meanings which are similar in some way?

  • Two or more words with the same spelling but different unrelated meanings?

  • Words which sound the same but have different spelling and meaning?

  • Words with the same spelling but different sound and meaning?

  • "He drank the whole bottle" No, he drank what was inside the bottle! What is the technical term for this?

  • Words that refer back to something already mentioned

  • words/phrases used to show that we are not sure that what we are saying is correct or complete

  • Use of two distinct varieties of a LG according to context. The high varieties(Formal) and the low varieties(informal)

  • An individuals way of speaking

  • A social dialect with features based on social factors