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  • what is a eukaryotic cell?

  • the animal cell has a _______ shape and the plant cell has a ______ shape

  • What organelle does not belong in the plant cell?

  • What is the nucleus job?

  • What does the endoplasmic reticulum do?

  • what is the job of the lysosome?

  • what is a tissue?

  • what is an organ?

  • prokaryotic cells are _______ eukaryotic cells are _____

  • prokaryotic cells....

  • animal cells have _______, plant cells have ________

  • muscle, epithelia, skeletal, connective, nervous and blood are examples of:

  • What is a specialized cell?

  • meiosis is :

  • mitosis is:

  • cellular respiration is about ______ and takes place in the _______

  • what is the animal cell energy source?

  • aerobic respiration _______ anaerobic respiration _______

  • what are the end products of anaerobic respiration?

  • What are the end products of aerobic respiration?

  • Where does aerobic respiration occur?

  • where does anaerobic respiration occur?

  • glucose -> water + CO2 + ATP is what?

  • glucose -> alcohol + CO2 + ATP, is what?

  • If there's no glucose to make energy, what does the body use instead?

  • where is the genetic material (DNA, genes, chromosomes) located?

  • The genetic code is made up of...

  • What color will this babys eyes be?

  • What color will this babys eyes be?

  • What color will this babys eyes be?

  • what does heterozygous mean?

  • what does homozygous mean?

  • if two parents are heterozygous, the baby will:

  • what is DNA?

  • what is a gene?

  • what are chromosomes?

  • mutation is a change that occurred in DNA sequence due to mistakes when DNA was copied or due to environmental factors

  • which of the following is true...

  • genes are segments of DNA that contain codes for traits, chromosomes are structures in cells that contains DNA & genes

  • What are enzymes used for?

  • _______ can affect how enzymes work

  • denaturing of enzymes is when:

  • stem cells are:

  • adult stem cells are _______ , embryonic stem cells are ______

  • why is using stem cells controversial