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  • Foto av cazault

    What are the planets name called after?

  • Foto av danesduet

    How high is the surface temperature on Venus in celcius?

  • Foto av joelfilip

    What name does the biggest heavenly body in the asteroidbelt between Mars and Jupiter have?

  • Foto av shotbycerqueira

    What is Jupiter characteristics namne?

  • Foto av giphy

    What is called march two moons?

  • Foto av pawel_czerwinski

    Where lies the sea of ??silence?

  • Foto av Vulthuryol

    Which country launched the satellite Sputnik?

  • Foto av nasa

    Which rover was launched on Mars in August 2012?

  • Foto av giphy

    Which car brand was sent in orbit around the sun 2018?

  • Foto av rogueartistsensemble

    Which object created by humans is furthest from the earth?

  • Foto av nasa

    When the first exoplanet was orbited around a sun-like star?

  • Foto av willpwrbcn9

    Which star is the brightest shining in the sky, next to the sun

  • Foto av nasa

    What celestial bodies has the Kepler space telescope found several thousand of?

  • Foto av joqe2012

    What are seti researchers particularly interested in?