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  • How do you say Australia in Australian English?

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  • In Australian English you say station, in British English you say?

  • Good on ya - that is a very often used sentence in Australian English and it means?

  • What do they use "she" for in Australia

  • Yem in Giordie means?

  • What does twock mean in Geordie?

  • Saying gob in Geordie means?

  • Scratcha in Geordie means?

  • Nappa in Geordie means?

  • Glassi in Hinglish means?

  • "Cent per cent" in Hinglish means?

  • Airdash in Hinglish means?

  • Jungli in Hindish means?

  • Filmi in Hinglish means?

  • "Weh yuh ah seh?" in Jamaican english means?

  • ‘Lickkle more’ in Jamaican English means?

  • ‘Chaka-Chaka’ in Jamaican english means?

  • ‘Raggamuffin’ in Jamaican English means?

  • ‘Inna di morrows’ in Jamaican English means?