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  • Which country is the largest in the Nordic region?

  • Which country has the most inhabitants?

  • When is Norway's national day?

  • What time is Sweden the biggest?

  • What funny facts about Finland are true?

  • Which country is said to have the happiest population?

  • What is NOT true about Denmark?

  • What is the name of Gothenburg's popular amusement park?

  • Which seas meet at Grenen in Skagen, Denmark?

  • Which of these Nordic countries is NOT in the EU?

  • What is the capital of Norway called?

  • The story of Moomin comes from Finland and was written by Swedish Tove Jansson. But what language was the book written i

  • A skyscraper is currently being built in Gothenburg. What is the name of this building?

  • The well-known music group ABBA comes from a country in the Nordic countries, which is generally known for its music and

  • A well-known Danish word is "hygge". But what does it stand for?