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  • What is the name of this model, which is a collaboration between Bark River and Dan Tope?

  • Which knife is shown in this photo?

  • Who designed the Springbok II?

  • This photo shows the KMCK; Kalahari Magnum Camp Knife. It was made in a very limited run. Which steel was used for it?

  • There are many Fox River-models, in different types of steel. Which steel is not (yet) available for any Fox River?

  • This is the JX-5. Who designed this beast of a chopper?

  • This is the Little Carver, a very, very small knife. Which is the smallest knife ever made by Bark River?

  • This is the Bark River Limited Edition Tanto. Which year was it made?

  • This MACV-SOG has Bloody Basin Spacers. Which of the following Spacers can NOT be found on any knife made by Bark River?

  • This is the Strike Force II; when was the original Strike Force made?