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  • What is best description for para aramid (Kevlar, Twaron, Heracron)?

  • Whats are the weaknesses of para aramid?

  • What is strong points of High Performance PolyEthylene (HPPE, tradename Dyneema, spectra)

  • HPPE other important properties?

  • What is spandex?

  • What glove has the finest fabric or smallest distance between yarn loops? Glove made on 18 gauge vs made on 10gg machine

  • Mineral fibre is used to increase cut resistance in gloves. Is there any differance in cut resistance between different?

  • Steel fibre is used in gloves, why?

  • What is special with Eureka glove knitting?

  • Why is nylon or polyester used in knitted gloves?

  • In a knitted glove, is the palm and back of same composition and thickness?